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Hillsborough JFC
2017/18 Membership


Please read the instructions below before you register (by clicking the link at the bottom of this page)


M’ship Dues
except SDC
£30 £30 / month
in advance
Free* £3 per week
collected weekly**
M’ship Dues
Girls 2009
and Older
£30 £3 per week
collected weekly
Girls 2010
and Younger
Free £3 per week
collected weekly
*If selected from the SDC to join a squad that trains twice a week and plays matches, a player will pay £30 membership and £30 / month in advance from that point
**A reduction from £4 per week last season

From Monday 4 September 2017, Boys (except SDC) dues are £30 per month, payable in advance over 10 months. No payment is due in December or July (June’s payment being “half dues” for July and August).

Payment is due monthly in advance and ideally we’d like it paid before the start of the month. That’s why we ask for it on or after the 20th of the month before. So we really appreciate the people who pay early as it helps to spread the admin load. We won’t go chasing unpaid dues until about the 5th of the month. Remember, bank payments take 2 days to appear in our account.

20 Oct 17 £30 for Nov 17
20 Nov 17 £30 for Jan 18
20 Dec 17 No Dues
20 Jan 18 £30 for Feb 18
20 Feb 18 £30 for Mar 18
20 Mar 18 £30 for Apr 18
20 Apr 18 £30 for May 18
20 May 18 £30 for Jun 18
20 Jun 18 £30 for Jul / Aug 18

Pay monthly / quarterly / annually in advance. Pay in December if that’s easier (e.g. you have set up a standing order) and make your last payment in May. So long as you pay a total of £300 throughout the year and stay “ahead of the game”, we can work with you. If any of this causes you hardship, come and talk to us and we’ll figure out what works best for you.

Thank you to every Coach and Volunteer who has collected dues for us in the past. We really appreciate your help. Hopefully your life is about to become a little easier!

Club Tag

Every player / coach / volunteer has a Club Tag. It’s the first 3 letters of your first name, the first three letters of your surname (Ignoring “Mc” and “O”) and, for players, the last two digits of their year of birth.

Sean Walsh’s Club Tag is “SEAWAL”. Justin Sheppard is “JUSSHE”. A 2007 player called James McKernan will be “JAMKER07”. A 2008 player called Laura O’Neill will be “LAUNEI08”. You should only forget it if you can’t remember your name and the year you were born. Adults don’t even have to remember the year they were born! Please use it for all payments.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it right, we’ll normally be able to figure out who it is!


We need a photo of EVERY person in the Club. Take a “passport photo” (i.e. head and shoulders) of your sons, daughters and yourselves if you are registering as a Coach or Volunteer. Don’t worry if it’s square or not. We will crop and size it. Send to with a clear indication of who it is (ideally a Club Tag)

Who Pays?

The membership fee (£30) is payable for ALL players – Boys and Older Girls.

Knights, Coaches, Volunteers, Executive Committee etc. do not membership fee or dues.

Younger girls and Skills Development Centre players pay no membership – not at the outset. If a player is selected from the SDC and invited to to join the Club as part of a squad, they will be asked to pay membership and monthly dues at that stage.

EVERY PLAYER pays dues. It will either be £30 a month in advance or collected as £3 per week for Girls and Skills Development Centre.

Pay to:

Payment Ref:
   Club Tag (see above)

or by cheque / cash and deposit in the “dropbox” letterbox INSIDE the Football Factory to your left as you enter.


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