Payment Details

Electronic payments (Membership, Dues, Foyle Cup, Sportswear, Trips etc.) may now be made to

Sort Code: 98-09-60
Account:    13333050

So that I know where to put it, the payment reference should contain the player’s Club Tag – a short reference made up of the first 3 letters of the first name, followed by the first three letters of the surname (Ignoring “Mc” and “O”) and, in the case of players, the last two digits of their year of birth. Sean Walsh’s Club Tag will be “SEAWAL”. A 2007 player called Jack McVicar will have a Club Tag of “JACVIC07”. A 2008 player called Laura O’Neill will be “LAUNEI08”. It’s that easy. You should have received your Club tag(s) by text. If not, then we don’t hold a valid mobile number for you. So that means you haven’t registered and updated your details. Do this here.

If paying dues for more than one player by standing order, you can use more than one Club Tag separated by spaces. For example


would indicate payments for Jack Walsh and Raymond Walsh (a couple of much older players!)

If you are paying something other than dues then, after the Club Tag, add a short word or two indicating what it’s for. I know payment references are notoriously short but


is a nice way of indicating Jack Walsh’s money to be added to Jack’s Savings Account (for, say, the Foyle Cup)

If paying, say, sportswear order 634 any of these would do

  • JACWAL93 SW 634
  • SWEAR 634
  • JACWAL93 SWEAR 634

Use your imagination and basically try to give as much help as possible. You will see that in the case of a sportswear order, the order number is enough by itself (as long as it’s the right one!)

Of course, you can still pay by cheque or cash. There is a new “dropbox” in the Football Factory. It is a black letterbox INSIDE the Factory (cut into the wall of the tuck shop on your left as you enter the Factory). Feel free to drop an envelope in there as you’ve always done with the relevant details (Club Tag, if possible) and this will find its way to me.

Many Thanks

Sean Walsh